How To Pre-Order The Samsung Galaxy S10

Image: Samsung

In a little over six days, Samsung will officially unveil the not-so-top-secret Samsung Galaxy S10. Pre-registration has opened so you can be among the first to know when the Korean electronics powerhouse unleashes their smartphone kraken. Here's what you need to know.

Pop over to the Samsung Australia website and sign up to get notified of all the ordering details and finalised specs. If you're planning to order the device direct from Samsung, pre-registering via the link above will ensure you're at the head of the queue.

Samsung 'Beyond X' Leak: This Phone Is Fricking Bananas

It's hard to believe there's anything about the Samsung Galaxy S10 we don't already know - but someone at the Korean electronics powerhouse screwed up and accidentally placed information on the company's Korean website confirming a fourth model in the lineup.

A Galaxy S10+ Limited Edition model - codenamed 'Beyond X' - will come to market with a whopping 1TB of storage and as much as 12GB of system memory making it the leader of the Galaxy pack. (And yes, it's going to cost a goddamn motser.)

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None of the Australian carriers have any information on their sites yet. If you're looking for a contract so you don't have to stump up $3000 for the top of the range Beyond X, it'll be worth checking in with your preferred carrier next week, after the official launch.

Until then, it's worth holding back on any updates to your smartphone as the release of the new Samsung Galaxy S10 is likely to result in stock of the still excellent Galaxy S9 hitting the shelves at reduced prices.


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