Samsung Galaxy ‘Beyond X’ Will Have 5G

Samsung Galaxy ‘Beyond X’ Will Have 5G
Image: Ice Universe

What can only be described as the most heavily leaked product ever, the Samsung Galaxy S10 has had yet more news released weeks before the official launch, which is expected in February 2019. For a while now, we’ve expected three different devices but word of a fourth has emerged. The Samsung Galaxy ‘Beyond X’ will be Samsung’s first 5G capable smartphone.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Beyond X will have the largest display in the range with a 6.7-inch curved screen. That’s larger than the other devices that have already been leaked.

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It will purportedly come with 1TB of storage, 5G network support and a fearsomely prohibitive price tag. Here are the details!”]

There will be two cameras on the front, three on the back and a pair of “Time of Flight” sensors. Those sensors work with the cameras to determine the distance between the smartphone and subject you’re photographing. That allows the autofocus to snap in faster.

With 5G networks starting to pop up around the world, it’s a fair bet we’ll see lots of 5G handsets released even though the faster comms capacity may only be available in limited areas.

The “Beyond X” name is apparently an internal codename so it’s unlikely to end up being offical. More likely, it will simply be called the Galaxy S10 5G.

The anticipated asking price will be around US$1500 which means it will well and truly cross the $2000 mark locally.

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