Why IT Workers Leave Their Jobs

According to research conducted by recruitment agency Greythorn, almost half of Australian tech workers are actively seeking for new jobs while another 40% are prepared to consider a change for the right offer. And they’re saying lack of training and career development are major drivers. This is unsurprising when you consider that more and more roles are now contracted rather than permanent so employers can offload the need to deliver career advancement and skill development to individuals rather than doing it themselves.

Its important to note that Greythorn’s research is likely to come from people they deal with – and that means they are focussed on job-seekers. So, their sample of respondents is probably not all that random. But there are some insights worth considering.

For example, only a quarter of IT workers report being ‘very engaged’ in their current role while lack of development and poor culture are the two primary reasons workers give for leaving their employer. Half said there was either no opportunity for career development in their current role and almost 25% report never having participated in employer supported training with almost a third receiving no training over the last year.

With IT skills in high demand, the best way to deal with recruitment is to avoid it. Spending a couple of thousand dollars on staff development is far less expensive than using a recruitment agency to fill a vacancy.

Are you looking at a new role? What are the drivers for leaving your current employer? Does Greythorn’s research ring true to you?


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