Take Your Hangover Cure To The Next Level With A Potato-Enhanced Egg & Bacon Roll

An egg and bacon roll is widely regarded to be one of the best hangover cures in existence. But sometimes it just isn't enough. In these extreme head-pounding moments, you need a more powerful - and greasier - solution.

For faster recovery time, order/quietly groan for a potato scallop in addition to your egg and bacon roll. (Or a "potato fritter" if you're South Australian.) Whatever your preferred nomenclature, simply slip the battered morsel between your roll's buns, or get the fry chef to do it for you. You now have an egg & bacon & potato scallop roll - a guaranteed trip to fat-filled nirvana.

This extra layer of grease really does work wonders. (For further relief, pair it with a piping hot mug of coffee.) The great thing about this hangover solution is the price; a single potato scallop/fritter/cake should come in at well under a buck. That's money well spent in anyone's book - especially a drunkard's.

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    always been a fan of getting an extra hash brown at maccas to chuck in my mcmuffin

    Last edited 19/07/15 10:22 am

      They had a 'Rosti Brekkie Wrap' for a while which had a hash brown inside, was quite good.

      I always just chuck my hash brown in my muffin anyway, only way to make it edible!

    Or go to hungry jacks order a big breaky wrap minus the sausage... enjoy..

    Oh forget your fatty, high cholesterol crap! Take 2 Panadol , lie down for 30 mins and u will live ;-)

    Just make sure in your hungover haze...you dont wander into Subway or (gasp) KFC for breakfast.
    Not pretty.

    My Tasmanian colleague calls them "Potato Cakes", the weird fkn bastard.

    But in all seriousness, the best hang over cure is one of those little pills that are legal in Europe. Within half an hour you're better. The bottle also says safe to drive, but not something I want to test here in Oz.

    No way, lightly toasted bread with a heavy slathering of vegemite FTW.

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