What’s Your Favourite Hangover Cure?

What’s Your Favourite Hangover Cure?

Hangover cures are like opinions — everyone’s got one. Some people stick to aspirin or coffee while others swear by a cold shower. Our personal preference is the egg & bacon & potato scallop roll; the greasier the better. So what’s yours?

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We want to hear your personal remedies after an overindulgent night on the sauce. Do you find a hot, greasy meal does the trick? (And if so, what kind of food?) Or do you opt for plenty of aspirin and rest? Share your remedy of choice in the comments!


  • Being originally from Russia and having a lot of experience in drinking (not something I’m proud of, but still), I can share a few well known tips on how to avoid and, if unavoidable, fight a hangover:
    1. The best thing to avoid hangover is to drink water while drinking alcohol – keep yourself hydrated. And I’m talking about water of natural juice, not caffeinated energy drinks.
    2. If #1 didn’t help and you wake up with hangover – drink plenty of water! Avoid coffee, it will only make things worse.
    3. Force yourself to eat, something, anything. Eat plenty of juicy fruits.

  • The best trick is to drink a lot of water while you drink all your booze.

    When that doesn’t work, make sure you eat some salty food and some sugary food the next day. Also drinks lots of water.

  • Glass of water before bed, bottle of Gatorade in the morning. Although I never really ended up hung over when I was younger, so I think my modern hangover is more just a case of being worn out from whatever I was doing while I was drinking.

  • Lemonade by the bed and when I wake up during the night, bung a couple of nurofen plus into me. Right as rain in the morning.

  • On a work day – lots of water, an egg and bacon roll, and a Coke (preferably post mix)
    On a weekend – lots of water, a big sleep in, and the hair of the dog when you finally pull yourself out of bed

  • You could always try a bit of restraint and not get so pi**ed in the first place.

    OK, bring on the downvotes.

  • I rekon the girl in the photo would be a great cure!

    in all seriousness – water, the night before sleeping. Lots of water….

  • a few hours of wild sex before going to sleep normally burns it all out and I wake up feeling amazing 🙂

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