How To Deal With Your Grand Final Hangover

Whether your side wins or loses, one thing about the grand final weekend is certain: you’re going to have a huge hangover at some point in these three days. Sports is one of the best excuses for drinking (and day drinking), so we’ve compiled some of our best tips that will get you through it in one piece.

Note that we can’t help you fix post-drinking-night regrets if you’ve said something awful to your best mate, your spouse or your spouse’s parents, but we can help with some of the physical discomfort that comes along with it. Here are some articles you might just find useful.

Drink Lighter-Coloured Liquors To Avoid Hangovers

The best way to cure your hangover is not to get as hung over in the first place. As long as you’re not already hung over right now, here’s how you can make the next morning way easier on yourself.

Hangover Cures: Myths, Legends And Facts

Hair of the dog, raw eggs or greasy fast food, what actually works in curing your hangover, and what is just old wives tales? We’ve collated some of the most common hangover myths right here, as well as some of the methods that will actually work.

How To Drink All Day And Not Pass Out

Courtesy of our friends over at Gizmodo is this fantastic guide to day-drinking responsibly — because we know that drinking starts way before the grand final actually does. Good luck!

What Alcohol Actually Does To Your Brain And Body

It’s useful to know what alcohol is actually doing to your body when you try to counteract that damage, so here’s a comprehensive explanation (if your brain is up to processing this much information right now).

And now for the (potential) cures:

You Might Be Able To Alleviate Hangover Headache Pain With Relaxing Music

While you’re waiting for those painkillers to kick in, why not chuck on some relaxing music to try and alleviate your headache. In fact, if you find the right music, it could even replace your painkillers.

Bacon Sandwiches Can Speed Up Hangover Recovery

I think human beings all instinctively know that bacon and carbs are going to do wonders for your hangover, and it turns out you’re right: science has proved it!

Take Your Hangover Cure To The Next Level With A Potato-Enhanced Egg & Bacon Roll

See? Bacon and carbs.

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