How To Install ‘Face Unlock’ On Your Huawei Phone

How To Install ‘Face Unlock’ On Your Huawei Phone
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Huawei Australia has released a new firmware update that allows users to unlock their phones with facial recognition software – just like Face ID on the latest Apple iPhones. The new feature has been rolled out to a range of devices. Here’s how to get it working.

If you own a Huawei smartphone, you might be able to unlock the home screen with your face right now. The ‘Facial Recognition Unlock’ update is available for the following Huawei phones:

  • P-Series (P10, P20, P20 Pro)
  • Mate Series (Mate9, Mate10, Mate10 Pro)
  • nova Series (nova3e, nova 2lite, nova 2i)

Once the firmware has been installed, you can enable Facial Recognition Unlock by going to Settings, Security & Privacy, Face Unlock and selecting Begin Facial Profile Enrolment.

After your facial profile has been created, you can opt for Direct Unlock mode (which unlocks the screen automatically when you look at it) or ​Slide to Unlock​ ​(which requires you to swipe the screen once your face has been recogni​s​ed).

If you can’t see Face Unlock in the Security & Privacy settings, don’t freak out: Huawei said the firmware will be progressively rolled out from now until the end of July. (The update should install automatically when your phone is connected to Wi-Fi.)

If anyone has a compatible Huawei phone with firmware enabled, let us know how it handles in the comments!

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  • Just got the update and have been using it. It is super super quick! I don’t know how i feel about it because i like to see what notifications i have before deciding whether i want to unlock and check them. This sort of just unlocks so quick, you have no choice. But it is very neat. Thanks Huawei

  • Updated via Settings > System > Updates.
    ~500MB. Reboot required. Takes around 10 minutes to install (Mate 9).
    Won’t be turning on Face Unlock but there are Google Android security updates from 5 May 2018 included in this update too.

  • I have a Huawei Mate SE (2018 model) and my wife has an Honor 8. The face unlock feature is NOT available on either of these phones, at this time (USA).

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