Virgin Mobile Shutdown: The Best Alternative Plans

Virgin Mobile Shutdown: The Best Alternative Plans
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Virgin Mobile is not long for this world. Over the next two years, parent company Optus will be phasing out the brand and is likely to move all customers to its own network. So why stick around?

Here are the best equivalent plans from Virgin Mobile’s rivals – many of which boast better data allowances and pricing. Make the switch now.

Virgin Mobile Is Being Shut Down: What You Need To Know

Over the next two years, Optus is going to be slowly phasing out their Virgin Mobile brand, shutting 36 stores across Australia. The move will likely see Virgin's million-plus customer base shifted over to Optus - but details currently remain scant. Here's what you need to know if you're a Virgin Mobile customer and some potential alternative providers for you to take a look at.

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Optus have announced it will be shuttering Virgin Mobile operations, cutting 200 jobs and closing 36 stores over the next two years. If you’re a Virgin Mobile customer, this means your plan will no longer be offered in its current form. While details are currently scant, it seems probable you’ll be offered an Optus replacement plan – which could potentially translate to less data for more money.

Thankfully, there are plenty of options available on the market right now that provide similar bang-for-buck. Below you’ll find a total of 33 plans divided into Virgin Mobile’s different pricing categories. Whether you’re on a cheap month-to-month plan or a data-heavy 12-month contract, you’ll find a suitable replacement here. Click on the provided buttons for the full plan details.

Note: Our interactive tables may take a few seconds to generate. We thank you for your patience.

Best month-to-month plans

If you’re on a SIM-only month-to-month plan, you’re obviously free to jump ship at any time. Here are the best options that roughly match Virgin’s $30, $40, $50 and $60 plans.

Virgin’s $30 plan comes with 2.5GB data. Here’s the top five with 2.5GB:

Virgin’s $40 plan has 5GB data. Here’s the top five with 5GB:

Virgin’s $50 plan comes with 9GB data. Here’s the top five with 9GB:

Virgin’s $60 plan has 11GB data. Here’s the top five with 11GB:

Best 12-month plans

Virgin also has a bunch of 12-month plans. If you’re nearing the end of your contract, it might be a good time to switch. Here are the best alternative 12-month plans from Virgin Mobile’s rivals.

Virgin’s $40 12-month plan has 15GB data. Here’s the top five with 15GB:

Virgin’s $50 12-month plan comes with 28GB data. Here’s the top five with 28GB:

Virgin’s $60 12-month plan has 45GB data. Here’s the top five with 45GB:

If you want a phone too

One thing Virgin Mobile was great at was affordable flagship phone plans – its Samsung Galaxy S and Apple iPhone offerings were often the cheapest on the market. With that in mind, here are some solid S9 and iPhone 8 plans that come with 5GB+ data per month.


  • I’m curious on what will happen with people on contract, such as myself, as I have no intention on moving to an Optus plan that is worse in any way than my current Virgin contract.

    Considering Optus has just been fined for misleading people with NBN transitions, I’m wondering if they will try and force people across, or that the fact that apparently it will be winding Virgin Mobile up over the next 2 years is to allow people to see out their contracts if they don’t wish to move to Optus

    • I reckon they’ll just offer to move customers to a comparable plan, if any are on 12/24 month contracts they may try and re-contract people in the same way they would for any other new or existing customers.
      They’ll have to have a plan for those folk who decide not to respond to contact from Virgtus – simply turning off service when they feel like it is unlikely to go down well. I’d guess they’d just get automatically cut across. Which implies they’d have a mechanism to handle existing contract details in the Optus billing etc systems.

    • I think you’re right regarding the 2-year phase out – it means customers can refuse to be rolled over without Optus actually losing money (i.e. – their contract has already expired).

      It will be interesting to see what happens to new Virgin customers though. Presumably, 12-month plans will stop being offered by Virgin next year to avoid contract issues.

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