Virgin Mobile Adds Double Data Deal

Virgin Mobile has added a plan designed to lure customers away from rival networks with double data alongside its data rollover offer.

Virgin Mobile's data rollover deal is subtly different to parent company Optus' prepaid data rollover deal, however. Where Optus prepaid plans allow you to "bank" data, up to a maximum of 10GB, Virgin Mobile's postpaid plans have no limits on the quantity of data you can rollover.

However, the rollover is strictly for a one month period, so if you've got 2GB of leftover data on your plan, you'll get an extra 2GB of allowance for the next month only. At the end of that 30 day period, you can't rollover any leftover data from that 2GB chunk, although if you haven't dipped heavily into your data pool from that second month, that's what would shift through into a third month. It's a gradual game of data pool decay, in other words.

The telco's new hook is offering up "double data" plans for any of its 24 month customers who upgrade, or any customers switching from other networks. That's a quite strict rule, however, with Virgin Mobile's fine print stating that it applies only "from a provider that does not use the Optus network".

The plan pricing is as below:


    Do you know if the data rollover apply to existing customers, or just new ones?

    Virgin Mobile has been doing Data Rollover for months. I'm pretty certain it was before Optus did it.

      +1 I think they have actually been doing it for several years.

      /me goes off to google that

      This KB article is dated 19 October 2012:

      However, it's not lifehackers fault. Virigin must have sent out a new press release today promoting data rollover as a feature, because every news outfit incl several Fairfax and News Corp Ltd newspapers are running a story today about this "new" feature.

      Last edited 24/07/15 11:39 am

        Indeed, mea culpa. I hang my head in shame (and have rewritten to clarify -- I still think it's interesting that Optus offers rollover that collects, while Virgin offers rollover that decays)

          I think it's the doubling of the data allowance that is news, but Virgin is promoting it as "Double Data plus Data Rollover". To anyone who didn't already know Virgin's rollover policy it looks like they're both new features.

        Call rollover has been around for a few years but data rollover was only introduced this year.

    Alex, Virgin *started* the data rollover. This is wrong.

    Big woop, I have got 5GB for $26 from optus for the last 2 years.

    Virgin has always had Data Rollover on their prepaid plans - long before Optus.
    Virgin is still the only carrier in Australia to offer data rollover on POSTpaid plans. Hope that clears it up.

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