Virgin Mobile Is Being Shut Down: What You Need To Know [Updated]

Virgin Mobile Is Being Shut Down: What You Need To Know [Updated]

Last week, Optus announced that over the next two years, they would slowly be phasing out their Virgin Mobile brand and be shutting 36 stores across Australia. We know have a more accurate picture of when the stores will be closing and what Virgin’s million-plus customer base will have access to, come closing time. Here’s what you need to know if you’re a Virgin Mobile customer and some potential alternative providers for you to take a look at.

Virgin Mobile was established back in 2000 by Richard Branson as a partnership between the UK arm and Optus. Since 2006, the brand has been wholly owned and operated by Optus, with a long-term licensing agreement in place that allowed them to continue to trade as Virgin Mobile. It appears that agreement is no more.

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Here are the best equivalent plans from Virgin Mobile’s rivals – many of which boast better data allowances and pricing. Make the switch now.”]

Optus have announced that they will be shuttering Virgin Mobile operations, cutting 200 jobs and closing 36 stores by the end of June 2018. As of right now, it remains unclear what will happen to the Virgin Mobile employees, with suggestions Optus may try to fold them in to the parent company as closures begin.

If you’re a Virgin Mobile customer, where does that leave you right now?

An Optus spokesperson speaking to The Australian on Wednesday suggested that Virgin Mobile customers will be contacted “in the coming days to let them know more about the changes and their future options.”

On Channel 7’s Sunrise after the announcment, the suggestion was that customers will have the choice as to whether they want to be bumped across to an Optus plan or seek greener pastures elsewhere. This is yet to be confirmed, but it would seem logical to offer customers the opportunity to switch over or get out – should they so choose. Optus have released a media statement remarking that they have “a special transition plan in place to make sure the impact to customers is minimal, and the experience they have during this time is a positive one.”

Moreover, Virgin customers will have access to “specially tailored” plans should they choose to stay with the provider.

Some may still be looking for other network providers and if that’s the case there’s plenty of options available. Perhaps this is a blessing in disguise and you’re ready to switch anyway! As we routinely cover the best and most valuable mobile deals in Australia, in conjunction with WhistleOut, we’ve rounded up some of the most relevant deals you should start taking a look at below:

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  • I just switched over to Telstra, after some 15 years with Virgin. Prime reason? They had shut all the stores where I live, so I had to travel to a different city if I wanted face to face service. Not acceptable when they choose to totally ignore a region of ~500,000. Last store was just a booth as well, not a high profile store costing them unreasonable amounts.

    Said to me that they have been planning this for a while now. I was happy with them, and content to just pay my monthly account and keep on using their service at a minimum, same as always. But the lack of customer service options annoyed me when I needed a new phone. So when a Telstra offer came along (JB HiFi’s Samsung S9 offer) that was close to my plan on Virgin, it was an easy decision.

  • I guess this is why they never bothered enabling WiFi Calling/VoLTE for their iPhone customers even though it has been available for Samsung users for over 6 months…

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