How To Have The Perfect Nap [Infographic]

How To Have The Perfect Nap [Infographic]
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Everybody loves a good nap. There have been plenty of studies showing that naps are good for you, that a nap can improve your brain function for the rest of the day and generally leave you feeling much better. There have even been studies suggesting that our natural circadian rhythm lends itself to taking a short midday nap. We know it’s good for us — but how can you get the perfect nap to refresh your body and mind?

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Everything from the time you take your nap, to the length of your nap, to the conditions in which you are napping can change the impact it has on your mind. The infographic even mentions the fabled coffee nap — which sounds counter-productive, but can actually be one of the most effective ways to reboot your brain for a productive afternoon. The optimum time for napping is between 1pm and 3pm — just enough time for you to read through Art of Wellbeing’s best napping tips and sneak off a quick power nap before the end of the day.

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