Take More Midday Naps

Take More Midday Naps

So-called “nanna naps” are often seen as a sign of weakness or the onset of doddering old age. However, there is mounting scientific evidence to suggest daytime naps can improve health, productivity and general well-being. This infographic explains the biological reasoning behind short snatches of sleep, along with different napping styles to help you find the perfect technique for catching afternoon Zs.

History is filled with great thinkers who were advocates of regular napping. They’re not alone: it is estimated that around 88 per cent of non-human mammals nap during daylight hours. We’re simply not programmed to have one long sleep at the end of the day.

This infographic from Swissotel covers the scientific benefits of napping, famous nappers from history, the way our sleep cycle works and tips for achieving the perfect nap. If you regularly zonk out in the afternoons, a power nap might be the answer. (If you’re stuck at work, just smuggle in a pillow and do a George Costanza.)

[Via Swissotel]

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