Getting A Better Nap [Infographic]

Getting A Better Nap [Infographic]
Image: iStock

Naps are great when you’re the sort of person that can put their head down and fall asleep. I’m not that sort of person. Still it doesn’t hurt to know a bit more about the art of napping.

I’ve never thought about trying to be efficient with naps. Normally my plan is to try and lie down somewhere quiet and hope things work out. It turns out there’s a bit more to napping than that. Maybe that’s why I never feel satisfied at the end of one.

When, where and how long your naps are all make a difference to how you feel after them. An hour long nap will help you remember facts while leaving you groggier than a 10 minute power nap, which is better for a quick burst of energy.

One of the tips is to stay slightly upright during your naps, to avoid a deep sleep. Seems simple enough. Napping under your desk might be a little much. Not everyone is George Costanza, nor should anyone aspire to be.

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