Yesterday’s Ten Best Lifehacker Stories

Yesterday’s Ten Best Lifehacker Stories
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Too busy to join us yesterday? No worries! Here are all of the big Lifehacker stories you missed in one place.

  • Could a pay rise for Aussie workers finally be on the cards? ABS data looks promising. [Lifehacker]
  • Bargains, bargains, bargains! There’s still time to snap up an online discount from our Hump Day Deals page. Noteworthy deals include 20% off eBay tech, $200 off the Samsung Galaxy S9 and up to 78% off Seiko watches. [Lifehacker]
  • What is the exercise benchmark for a human being just trying to squeeze enough healthy exercise into their life? Let’s break it down. [Lifehacker]
  • Even if your workplace has a relaxed dress code, there are probably a ton of unspoken rules that you’re supposed to be following. Here’s an infographic with style tips for every business occasion. [Lifehacker]
  • Here’s how to get some of the Pixel 3’s leaked features on your current Android phone. [Lifehacker]
  • The 2018 Commonwealth Games have kicked off! Here’s how to watch the events online and free in Australia. [Lifehacker]
  • The Hugo Awards has named the six best science fiction novels of 2018. But are they any good? One of our resident sci-fi nerds (we’re all sci-fi nerds) has the skinny. [Lifehacker]
  • If you’re not using homemade pasta sauce, you should be. Here’s a bunch of ways to make DIY tomato-based sauces shine. [Lifehacker]
  • Here’s one for the Stan users out there – 9 TV dramas you should be binge watching! [Lifehacker]
  • Have you ever broken down in tears at work? That must have been mortifying. We explain how to handle those awkward situations and mitigate the fallout. [Lifehacker]


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