The Upcoming Gmail Update Includes Timebombed Messages

The Upcoming Gmail Update Includes Timebombed Messages
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Gmail is about to get a major facelift with a bunch of new features and an updated user interface. But along with many cosmetic changes come others that will chnage the way we use email. Among the updates that will be coming, you’ll be able to mark messages as confidential which will give you lots of power over how email is handled.

“Confidential Mode” will allow senders to block the ability for a recipient to forward a message, copy its contents or download the message or any attachments. In addition, you’ll be able to set an expiration date for the message so it becomes unreadable after a time period the sender can set.

There will also be an option that will require a passcode, that’s sent over SMS in order to open a message.

Email is an unsecured transmission system that is used for all sorts of potentially sensitive communciations. So Google’s move looks like a step forward.

For messages that are sent in confidential mode and received using a mail client like Outlook or Apple Mail, users will simply receive a message with a link that opens in a browser where the security features will be invoked.

The new version of Gmail is expected to be released in the next few weeks.


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