Google Is Improving Security For Gmail And G Suite

Google Is Improving Security For Gmail And G Suite
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Google does a pretty good job at blocking malware and spam from reaching us but some threats, such as ransomware, still make their way to us. The company has made some changes to thwart bad guys by introducing sandboxing and advanced phishing and malware protection.

Sandboxing has been around for a while now. The idea is that when an email arrives, it’s opened in a safe environment so that any malicious payloads are ‘exploded’ before they reach you. For example, links can be checked whereas virus protections focus on attachments. If the message is deemed to be bad, it doesn’t reach you.

This new feature will work along with advanced phishing and malware protection, which provides new controls to quarantine emails and protect against anomalous attachment types.

The technology isn’t new and has been around enterprises for a while. And while Google’s exciting virus scanning on attachments is good, this adds an extra layer of protection against threats. The beta for this was announced a few months ago but it’s now rolling out broadly.

All Gmail users can access the new ‘Confidential Mode’ as well.

This stops people from accidentally sharing confidential information by removing the option for people to forward, copy, download or print messages.

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It also supports people needing to authenticate their identity before opening a message. Google is tweaking its 2FA system alongside this as well.

Confidential mode is coming to all Gmail users but enterprise users will need to wait just a little longer.

[Source: G Suite Updates Blog]


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