Duolingo Adds New Skill Levels For Advanced Users

Duolingo Adds New Skill Levels For Advanced Users
Image: Duolingo

Being bilingual or multi-lingual is very handy. As well as making life easier when travelling on holidays, its value at work is often underappreciated or not recognised. Last week, I was interviewing a company founder and being able to converse with him in his native Italian built instant rapport. Duolingo is one of the most popular tools for learning another language and they’ve added some new features to help advanced users become even more proficient.

Dubbed Crown Levels, users can now choose to delve into a particular lesson and skills more deeply before moving onto new content. There are five Crown Levels with progress from one level to the next taking between four and 40 sessions.

One of the challenges Duolingo found was that if they made lessons harder, people stopped using the app. But increasing proficiency required introducing more complex advanced skills. Now, users can more easily review previous lessons, work through more advanced content or move on to the next lesson if they feel they are ready to move ahead.

The feature has been in testing with Android users for a while and has been successful in helping people develop stronger skills by doing more complex exercises without discouraging them.

Duolingo users will see update on Android, iOS, and web from today.

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