Duolingo Add-ons That Will Make You Fluent in No Time

Duolingo Add-ons That Will Make You Fluent in No Time

Duolingo is known for being one of the best language learning apps in the world. Well, that and Duo, the giant, green owl.

But if you use Duolingo in your browser, there are actually heaps of extensions you can use to alter and maximise your language learning experience.

The Duolingo Fandom Wiki page has a list of every extension available, but here are some of our favourites. (Note that these extensions only work for the specified browsers).

Duolexia – Google Chrome and Firefox

Duolexia is an add-on that changes the font in Duolingo to be more user-friendly for people with dyslexia.

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DuoKeyboard – Google Chrome

Some languages have their own keyboard layouts that don’t correspond to QWERTY keyboards. DuoKeyboard is an add-on that adds automatic keyboard switching based on user settings.

Languages that have different keyboard layouts can also have a keyboard cheat sheet. This will display the keyboard layout on-screen so you can learn how to type in the target language.

Duolingo Boost – Google Chrome

This add-on enhances the Duolingo website in a variety of ways.

Duolingo Boost includes:

  • Dark mode
  • Streak notifications
  • The ability to write and print lesson notes
  • A course overview

The creator has also mentioned adding new features to the extension in future updates.

Duolingo Add-ons
Image: Duolingo

Duolingo Vocabulary Downloader – Google Chrome

Probably one of the best extensions on this list as it lets you isolate vocabulary for practice.

The Duolingo Vocabulary Downloader can download all of your learned vocab as a .txt or .csv file so you can format it in a word processor or spreadsheet later on.

Duolingo Spaced Repetition – Google Chrome

Spaced repetition is a well-known learning technique that helps improve memorisation. Material is reviewed at specific intervals that slowly get longer until the content is moved to long term memory.

The Duolingo Spaced Repetition add-on adds an extra study option that lets you study the same content but in spaced repetition mode.

Image: Duolingo

Replace Duolingo cartoons with anime girls – Google Chrome

This one does exactly what it says on the tin. No more Lily, Zari or Duo. Instead you can have Zero Two encouraging you to do your best!

There are many more extensions available on the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox add-ons hubs, so let us know if you check any of them out.

And here’s your daily Duolingo practice reminder.

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