The KFC Chicken Bucket ‘For One’ Saga Just Got Weirder

The KFC Chicken Bucket ‘For One’ Saga Just Got Weirder
Image: KFC

Last week, we discovered that KFC was advertising a 24-piece bucket of chicken on its ‘Menu For One’. With a combined kilojoule count of 18,853kJ, this is obviously a terrible idea.

KFC has now removed the offending bucket from the menu and blamed the whole thing on a website error. However, that’s not the only thing on the menu that needs changing. In short: the nuggs are out of control.

Shortly after publishing our story, KFC contacted us to explain it had made a bit of a boo-boo. Turns out the KFC chicken bucket – a gargantuan meal totalling 18,853kJ of energy, 59.6g of saturated fat and 9483mg of sodium – was supposed to only appear on the Sharing menu. It has since been relocated to its intended place. Phew!

Unfortunately, it seems the Colonel’s IT staff still have some website scrubbing to attend to. Currently, the online menu is proudly advertising 24 chicken nuggets (plus four dipping sauces) as a meal for one person. “Makin’ it rain nuggets,” the website adds.

At 5504KJ of energy, this meal packs in well over half of an adult’s daily recommended kilojoule intake in a single sitting. It also contains way too much sodium and saturated fats to be considered remotely healthy.

Now, before y’all accuse us of pulling a “Jaime’s School Dinners”, we’re not suggesting that extra-large nugget packs should be outlawed. We’re not even saying you should never eat this many nuggets in one go. (We’ve done worse ourselves and lived to tell the tale.)

However, we do feel that fast food companies have an obligation to encourage slightly responsible eating. Selling 24 nuggets to a single person is fine. Advertising it as a meal “for one” is where things get a bit dodgy.

Personally, we feel this menu item should be relegated to the Sharing section alongside the chicken bucket.

So whaddaya say, KFC – third times the charm?


  • Fast food companies don’t have any obligation to encourage responsible eating.
    They have an obligation to sell fast food-stuffs. They’re a business.

    It’s not like people are unaware that junk food is bad for you.
    No one buying 24 nuggets for themselves thinks they’re doing their body a service.

  • Ethical marketing practices and advertising standards still apply.

    You could make the above argument to defend any targeted marketing to vulnerable groups such as children or the elderly, or virtually any dubious practice like providing misleading information in advertising.

  • Soooo regardless of what part of the menu an item is on, people gonna et what peoples gonna eat. I struggle getting througj 6 nuggets but my teenager could probs pull off the “bucket for one”. Yup, dumb marketing but 24 nuggets isn’t even a challenge for some no matter advertised recommendation for consumption.

  • just dont be a moron and order 24 nuggets for yourself if your that concerned. no one in their right mind goes… “2 kilos of chicken? yeah thats a single meal”

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