Ask LH: Can I Get My P-Plates Faster By Moving Interstate?

Ask LH: Can I Get My P-Plates Faster By Moving Interstate?
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Dear Lifehacker, I’m a 25 year old P-plater from NSW who is planning to move to Victoria. If I transfer my license to Victoria, will this subtract a year from my provisional licence? Or do I still need to stay on them for the full 24 months? Which State’s set of rules apply? Thanks, Im-P-atient

Dear Im-P-atient,

I think you’ve got this in reverse. In Victoria, a P1 (red P plate) licence lasts for a minimum of 12 months followed by a three-year P2 (green P plate) licence. In NSW, P2 licences last for 24 months. In other words, you’re technically adding another year to your provisional licence, not subtracting one.

You need to have held an interstate licence for at least three years to be eligible for a full driver licence in Victoria. Here’s the relevant section from the Vic Roads website:

You will be issued with a P2 probationary driver licence if you:
are 21 years of age or older and have held your interstate or New Zealand driver licence for less than three years.

Unfortunately, you can’t just stick with your NSW licence either: by law, you are required to convert your interstate licence after residing in Victoria for a continuous period of three months or more. We advise boning up on Victoria’s provisional licence restrictions which differ from NSW in several areas. Sad to say, you’re going to be on your Ps for a while longer.


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  • Move to Queensland, if you’re over 25, you’ll only be expected to do one year on your P plates and won’t have to submit a ‘learner logbook’ either. I was 32 when I got my license and didn’t have to do either of those. Just 1 year on my P plates and then onto opens.

  • If you are the kind of person that is asking if they can skip the probationary period by moving states, I dont think you are the kind of person who deserves to be driving. All of us who drive have had to go through that probationary period. Why should you get to skip the time?

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