• 8 Common Myths About Australian Law

    8 Common Myths About Australian Law

    We’ve all been at a work or family gathering when someone has offered a seemingly authoritative statement about the way the law operates. Without some knowledge of the field of law, listeners may simply nod their heads sagely and tut-tut about the perceived inadequacies and injustices that have been revealed. But there are many misconceptions…

  • Ask LH: How Can I Make a Will without a Lawyer?

    Ask LH: How Can I Make a Will without a Lawyer?

    Today, we’re tackling a question that everyone would’ve had at one point or another, ‘how do I make a Will”.’ There’s a few different ways of going about it but we’re going to outline the easiest and most cost-effective method below. Hi Lifehacker, what’s the cheapest and easiest way around making a will? Can I…

  • Is It Legal To Kill Magpies In Australia?

    It’s officially Spring, which means the return of the dreaded Magpie season. Those ruthless swooping demons are extremely aggressive during this time of year as they defend their nests with gusto around gardens, schoolyards and parks. So is it legal to kill one of these angry birds before it pecks an eye out?