Amazon Just Made A Huge Change For Aussie Black Friday Shoppers

Amazon Just Made A Huge Change For Aussie Black Friday Shoppers
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When Amazon launched in Australia earlier this year, many shoppers were disappointed that the local range and prices weren’t all that great and that shipping from the US was suddenly blocked. In the lead up to Black Friday, Amazon has revised that decision, saying US shipping is coming back.

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An Amazon spokesperson has said “As a result of customer feedback, from November 22 Amazon customers will be able to ship eligible items from to Australian delivery addresses”.

Amazon said that the decision to stop shipping to Australia from its overseas warehouses was difficult but claim they were forced into it because of challenges in being GST compliant. That always seemed a bit lame as they seemed to cope with the ridiculously complex sales tax system in the US with different state and city taxes all over the country. The GST is pretty simple – a simple 10% on everything.

The company says they are focussing their effort on “building the complex infrastructure” that is needed to add 10% to the price of goods and then funnel those dollars to a separate account in order to pay the tax department.

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While Amazon’s entry to Australia was expected to cause major disruption to the local retail market, the decision to not offer imports from the US and other countries meant the local launch had a lot more bark than bite. That’s given local retailers the opportunity to get their act together when it comes to logistics, online system and improved customer service.

Now that Amazon is really launching here, the competitor will get more serious as the 10% GST markup will still undercut local retailers in many market segments – although shipping costs might prove to be the bigger challenge for Australians.

It’s worth noting that this might not help Amazon this Black Friday as word of a potential data breach is doing the rounds. Some Amazon customers have received emails telling them that their names and email addresses had been “inadvertently disclosed” due to a “technical error”. The scope of the potential incident isn’t yet known.

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  • I received legitimate emails from saying I had items in my basket, but linking instead to my US basket. The staff I reported this to seem to have extreme difficulty in comprehending the issue.

    I really hope they open up Amazon UK and other places for shipping too. There are POD books which are not available in Australia because the printers are owned by Amazon and they don’t have that service here. I’ve noticed some unscrupulous UK booksellers on ABE taking advantage of this by inflating the price of affected titles by a few hundred percent.

    Finally I’m still seeing listing DVDs and Blu-Rays as being available for shipping from the US, but not from other places. Problem: the US region codes are wrong for Australia, but at least the UK region for BluRays is the same – however they’re charging three times as much for those on the AU store.

  • Note that this is only for Amazon-stocked items.

    Third-party items sold through Amazon US are apparently excluded from the Aus-comeback. That is what “eligible items” means.

  • Hopefully, this will mean less of, “logging into Amazon AU.” Being logged in on your AU account. Browsing around, looking at things. See everything saying “shipping to your address.” Add it all to the cart, go to check out and find out you somehow ended up in the International store and nothing is available in Australia.

  • This is not making things easier for the moment as its not yet obvious which items are available to Australia as listings have to be individually checked to see if they are 3rd party or not, and what about those that are 3rd party and fulfilled by Amazon? Does our Prime membership cover us for shipping on the US site? Amazon .com does not recognise mine.

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