Amazon Australia’s Best Video Game And Blu-Ray Deals

Amazon Australia’s Best Video Game And Blu-Ray Deals
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The online shoppers of Australia have perused Amazon’s offerings. And they have found them wanting. With very few exceptions, the deals on TVs, laptops and other gadgets have been hugely underwhelming. The cake was a lie.

If you’re looking to pick up some Blu-rays or video games for Christmas though, Amazon is well worth a look. In fact, it has some of the cheapest prices in Australia. Here are a few stocking-stuffers for your consideration.

If you own a 4K TV, the Planet Earth 2 4K Blue-Ray is the must-own purchase of the year. Amazon has it for $24.49. Not bad!

The Bu-ray of Aussie classic Strictly Ballroom is going for $5.58. For under $6 apiece, you can get The Lovely Bones, The Thin Red Line, Pain and Gain, Behind Enemy Lines, Whiplash and a bunch of James Bond movies. (These are just some movies we personally enjoy – there are scores of additional titles available all for well under $10.)

Other Blu-ray deals worth a look:

The prices of video games on Amazon are also pretty impressive – although some deals are better than others. Prices that are very hard to beat include Star Wars Battlefront II for $39, FIFA 18 for $39, Call Of Duty: WWII for $49, Assassin’s Creed Origins for $49. These prices are all well below the RRP and significantly cheaper than EB Games or JB Hi-Fi.

Other game deals worth a look:

” excerpt=”Amazon Australia has launched and there are mega savings to be had! Stock is already flying out the door, so get in quick to nab yourself some of the cheapest prices. We’ve rounded up the best deals we’ve found so far.”]

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