It’s Official: Amazon Australia Will Start Selling Products On Thursday

It’s Official: Amazon Australia Will Start Selling Products On Thursday
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We’ve speculated, analysed and wondered just when Amazon Australia was going to launch. Now we have a clear indication from the online shopping giant itself, courtesy of an email that went out to Amazon Marketplace sellers.

” excerpt=”The world’s biggest online shopping sale (AKA Black Friday) is about to kick off across the globe. The day to mark in your calendar is November 24 – but savvy bargain hunters can snap up a deal right now. Here are the best Black Friday deals that have already appeared online, from cheap video games to price-slashed smartphones.”]

It looks like Amazon will be launching for Black Friday after all. Well, sort of.

We’ve just received word via an Amazon Marketplace seller that Amazon will start an internal testing phase with a small number of customers from 2PM AEST Thursday, November 23. We’re unaware if they are running on AEST or AEDT but the email specifically says AEST, which would mean 3PM AEDT in the eastern states.

It’s Official: Amazon Australia Will Start Selling Products On ThursdayImage: Supplied

The internal email above was sent to select sellers today. It reveals that Amazon Marketplace users will need to have their pricing, stock and details up to date to participate and will begin receiving orders from this date.

It’s not yet clear how many customers will be included in the test group or how they will be selected. Nevertheless, it seems certain that a select few Aussies will be buying products from Amazon on November 23. Bring it on!

Update: It seems that Amazon Australia’s homepage still shows just Kindles, books and apps for most customers. No need to freak out! This was a soft launch date – however, there’s no guarantees Amazon Australia will be live for Black Friday either. Here’s hoping!


  • Be nice to see what is there when the time comes.

    Just took a quick look and they are only offering e-Books for the Kindle.

    Fingers crossed that Amazon setting up shop here doesn’t mean extra geo-blocking. If I’m not happy with the Australian version of a boxset, I should be allowed to by the feature complete US version.

  • i dont think it will effect the way i buy my tech goods because amazon australia will not be the same prices as (which is amazon usa) i wanted to get something from amazon and my friend from canada was going to buy it for me and we were going to meet up in turkey. but then he said to me to do my search in and make sure its not and there was a world of difference in pricing so i did not end up getting. i think amazon is only cheap in the us and not so cheap every where else. i think i will stick to Aliexpress

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