Couch Potato To Wonder Woman: Months Seven, Eight And Nine

After far too long indulging in being a certified couch potato, this year I decided to get myself moving. I’ve had highs, and lows, moments of truimph and hit the dreaded plateau.

Now I’m a legitimate warrior, but not the kind you may be thinking.

What did I do?

I think it’s important to talk a little about the pressures of life. I work. A lot. I work a full time job here at Allure media, as well as host three television shows. I also tour the country speaking at events, am Mum to a teenager who communicates mostly in grunts, and I need to remember to clean my turtle’s tank and water my plants on occasion, too. Sometimes I even get to spend time with my husband.

The result of this busy lifestyle means, despite my best efforts (planning to get up an hour early to run, planning to workout in my lunch break, planning to workout between job one and job two), weekday workouts just aren’t working for me.

I think I’ve found a solution, though – I became a legit weekend warrior.


I can’t begin to express how good hiking is. Getting away from the city with good friends, in the country – mountains or sea – is so, so good for me on every level. Physically I can handle bigger hikes now. Emotionally I find it so much easier to deal with a stressful work week if I’ve hiked on the weekend. And spiritually I’m the equivalent of a white woman who just “discovered” meditation and sage. Namaste.

Today’s #hikingadventures: a 6km 3.5hr adventure through #dharugcountry in the #bluemountains ?

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Today’s #hikingadventures was a 19.6km, 5 hour 30 minute trek through #dharugcountry. I can’t feel my toes.

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You can totally start small, and work your way up. It’s what I did, and now I’m itching to plan a multi-day hike. Or climb a proper mountain. I use the WildWalks app to find great hikes wherever I am.


Behold, a story of a woman who has a difficult relationship with running.

Behold! The face of a woman who had a really great plan, and didn’t stick to it, but is forgiving herself. STORYTIME: on Sunday night I went to Kmart and got a clothes rack for the office. Then on Monday, I took a week’s worth of clothes to work, hung them up, left everything I’d need to shower, get ready etc at the office, and made a commitment to run the 6km to work every morning. It would require me to leave home at 5am. This morning I got up, felt a little queasy, but still got my shoes on, and headed out the door. 2.6km later I’m at the closest train station to ride the rest of the way to work. What happened? A few things. I forgot my bottle of water. I didn’t eat anything beforehand (I’d normally have a banana or an egg, just something small). It was 8 degrees Celsius outside and I’m a wimp in the cold. There were a lot of stairs and I was getting disheartened how it was affecting my time. It was dark, and I was scared. A lot of excuses happened. But you know what? I can always try again. Be better prepared. So that’s what I’ll do tomorrow – maybe even this afternoon. Because you don’t have to be perfect every day, or any day. You just have to give it a go. And I still ran 2.6km further than I would have if I’d not even tried. #couchpotatotowonderwoman

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Early evening walks with my boys ❤️ #couchpotatotowonderwoman #everylittlebitcounts #walking

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I haven’t been able to work out a way to incorporate my beloved Yoga or Weights sessions as much as I’d like, but for now I’ve decided not to beat myself up over it.

I’m getting fitter, stronger, happier and more content. And that’s by just cramming as much activity into my weekends as I can, and eating well during the week.

Speaking of which…

What did I eat?

So as you know, I have personalised “macros” – hitting protein, healthy fats and complex carbs goals which I log in MyFitnessPal. Food like this:

  • Avocado
  • Nuts
  • Coconut oil
  • Cheese (yes!)
  • Flaxseed Oil
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Lean red meat
  • Lean poultry
  • Fish
  • Eggs
  • Milk & Cheese
  • Rice
  • Bread
  • Potatoes
  • Veggies
  • Fruit
  • Oats

I’ve been pretty good at sticking to this list, but this month I made one major change – I started drinking protein shakes.

I was finding myself getting super hungry between job one and job two – and not having time for a sit-down dinner until 10pm just wasn’t working for me. Instead of stuffing my face with whatever I could find, 500ml of protein shake keeps me full for hours, and ensures I have enough nutrients in my system.

So…do you have any results?

Um, yep.

I’ve lost a total of 9kg now since I started this journey. I’ve lost 14cm off my waist. I’m “healthy” now. I feel good. I don’t feel like my body is breaking down.

I feel capable. It’s actually quite an emotional experience.

What’s next?

Let’s take a look at “The Plan”

  • Strength (Start lifting after a hike when the endorphins are racing)
  • Flexibility (Just find the time, Rae)
  • Endurance (Go on a multi-day hike!)
  • Eating food that fuels me (I’ve got this mastered now, it’s great)
  • Killing a man with my bare hands AKA badassery (I’m feeling pretty badass, but if I find the time to add a kickboxing class – that may just be my thing)

I’m honestly feeling really, really good right now. Even though I’m not doing what I “planned”, I’m doing what works for me and my current lifestyle. And I think that’s probably the key.

You can follow along, and join in, with #couchpotatotowonderwoman on Instagram – and feel free to join in with the people that are motivating me!

[referenced url=”” thumb=”×231.jpg” title=”Couch Potato To Wonder Woman”]

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Now I’m in month four of Couch Potato to Wonder Woman, I’m finding some balance.”]

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