Foxtel Warning: A $137 'Surprise' Is Coming To Free-Trial Members

Image: HBO

If you signed up for Foxtel Now's free trial specifically to watch Game Of Thrones, you need to cancel your subscription before the trial period ends. Otherwise, you will get slugged with a full monthly billing cycle without warning - even if you cancel the day after.

Depending on what packages you signed up for, this could leave you over $100 out-of-pocket. Act fast.

This should really go without saying. When you sign up for a free trial with Foxtel (or any service, for that matter) the onus is on you to remember to cancel inside the promotional window.

Don't wait for a reminder email or pop-up window, because you're probably not going to get one. As soon as the free trial ends, Foxtel is going to start charging you. Makes sense, right?

Nevertheless, there has been a spate of customers voicing their surprise and displeasure online. Here's a recent example from news presenter Juanita Phillips, along with Foxtel's confirmation of the charges.

The lesson here is simple: don't rely on a company that's trying to make money off you to cancel your freebie. The only reason these trials exist in the first place is to turn you into a paying customer. Whether you end up paying willingly or due to forgetfulness is irrelevant.

With that said, the T&Cs on Foxtel's website currently aren't crystal clear due to sloppy grammar. Here is the offending passage:

If I continue when do I start paying?

If you choose to continue, we will take a full month payment based on the pack(s) you have selected. This payment will be taken after your trial period has ended if you.

This is not a complete sentence. If you're really salty about being charged, you could probably point this out for a refund. (Be sure to take a screenshot of the mistake before it gets corrected!)


    Looks like im probably going to get stung with a $45 Service charge then. I used the FoxtelNow app once, it was so terrible that I never touched it after that. I signed up to the free trial and the app wouldnt let me remove it, it wouldnt work on my playstation either. I rang up two days after it expired to try and get Foxtel to cancel it, they said i had to do it and they couldnt from their end (WTF).

    Don't trust a moneygrubbing pile of crap that is holding sports coverage to ransom from the australian public.

    I'm fairly certain on the Cancellation page, it does state you will get notified before the trial ends.

    Unfortunately I've already cancelled, so the cancellation page is no longer available to me.

    I signed up for the trial, selected the single package I wanted as well and have been billed correctly.
    Was fully aware that once the two week trial ended I'd be charged the full amount for the packages I selected.

    Thanks for the reminder. 3 month trial cancelled.

    $137 isn't that plat HD for a residential subscription not Foxtel now???

    The duration of the trial is made quite clear. Surely, once told, it's the customer's responsibility to remember when their free trial ends. I'm certainly no Foxtel advocate but come on. Do you need a reminder for when your leave from work starts?

      That's pretty much the exact sentiment expressed in this article - and the reason "surprise" is in quotation marks

    1. The Pop pack / Game of Thrones costs $15 per month
    2. Nobody forced you to sign up to every package
    3. You signed up to a trial, providing your credit card details, agreeing to pay after the trial period ended

    It is really that simple. Foxtel does a lot of things wrong, this is however not one of them. This article is nothing but sensationalised clickbait.

      Did you even read the article?

      This should really go without saying. When you sign up for a free trial with Foxtel (or any service, for that matter) the onus is on you to remember to cancel inside the promotional window.

    I signed up to Foxtel Go to watch GoT... I'm only paying $15pm and my first charge went through just the other day... all looks fine to me... Foxtel is great.. apart from not being able to stream anything when the season finale for GoT was on, but its kinda understandable.

    if your an idiot to sign up for a $137 service and don't check when it ends, it serves you right.

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