Dealhacker: Watch Game Of Thrones Season 7 For Free

Dealhacker: Watch Game Of Thrones Season 7 For Free

For a limited time, Foxtel Now is offering its online streaming Pop pack – which includes Game Of Thrones – completely free of charge for the first three months. Because there is no lock-in contract, this means you can watch the entirety of season 7 without spending a cent. Here’s the link to the deal!

Update: This code appears to have run out. Sorry guys!

In the lead up to each season of Game Of Thrones, Foxtel traditionally lowers its pricing in a bid to entice new users into the fold. However, this is the first time it has offered the entire season’s run for free. (You can thank the newly launched Foxtel Now for this – clearly the company is keen to boost subscriber numbers in the wake of the re-branding.)

Here’s how to claim your freebie:

How to watch Game Of Thrones Season 7 for free

To get the deal, head to Foxtel Now’s promotion page (which oddly still uses the Presto URL) and use the discount code “TELPRESBOH10“. (You may need to use Incognito mode in Chrome to get the code to work.)

If it all goes according to plan, you should get the following confirmation on the sign up page:

After the first three months, the Pop pack pricing will revert to $15 per month. However, because Foxtel Now allows you to cancel at any time there’s no commitment to spend any money.

The only caveat is that Foxtel Now offers a maximum resolution of 720p rather than Full HD. But we think that’s a pretty crummy reason to resort to piracy. Foxtel is literally offering you the show for nothing in the vain hope that you’ll stick around as a paying customer.

Game of Thrones season 7 premiers on July 16, 2017 and is set to run for seven weeks – which is well inside the promotion’s three-month window. The voucher is available until 31 July or “while stocks last” – so we suggest jumping on quick!

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  • I’m giving this a go. For the last two years I’ve had a PC registered on my parents Foxtel Go account but the video quality on that has been horrendous.
    A note though, once confirmed – the next bill date states “You will be billed monthly in advance.” So there’s a possibility I’ll be charged the $15 for month 4 before I can cancel, but I figure $15 to watch is all is still a reasonable alternative to torrenting.

  • Signed up, it is free afterall. Unfortunately, my little Xiaomi MiBox3 is not compatible with the Android app, so I ran the Foxtel Now page from my laptop and Chrome Cast it. This works, but the resolution is God awful, the connection is very laggy and I have Gigabit Ethernet with NBN connected to the box. Somehow I don’t think I’ll be watching GOT on this abomination. There is no Foxtel Now APK either, so sideload out the window too. Happy to hear tips to fix it though.

  • I’ve signed up, thank you for a wonderful deal.

    Does anyone know how many screens can view this at once? like Netflix allowing up to 4 screens? Will be my biggest problem if it’s limited to 1 screen.

    • After some investigation the account settings say 3 months so if anyone else had the email say otherwise I would check there.

  • I’ll wait till the week before it starts as then I can get the full season without losing any money to them. If you were to sing up now, by the time the last few eps come on you will be out of the free three months.

    • 15 bucks for the whole season though worse case. i hate Foxtel but i might even let them take a payment afterwards just for letting us watch all of it.

  • I tried to do it as suggested in the article (using Incognito mode in Google Chrome) but it says that the voucher is invalid. Anyone else having the same issue?

  • whats the go with the xbox app, seems to have really shitty resolution but watching it on chrome on my laptop seems fine.

  • Joined last night, and just cannot get Chromecast to connect/stream from iPad to Sony Bravia. Other than that, good deal (and finally get to watch “Into the Badlands”)!

  • Can anyone confirm the HD resolution? On their website for Foxtel Now, it states 1080p via Chrome:

    HD is dependent on your device and is only available on PC/Mac via the Google Chrome browser, Telstra TV, and Chromecast. The maximum resolution for HD is 1080p.

  • I’ve signed up too, worth giving them a chance seeing they claim to be trying to improve their game. Will see how the Wentworth finale looks streaming on Xbox One tonight…

    • So this went pretty terribly, in that the Foxtel Play app doesn’t seem to contain the same content as the Foxtel Now app. As yet they haven’t updated the app on Xbox One so it is still Foxtel Play there, where the Wentworth finale wasn’t online. It was online on the Foxtel Now app on my phone, but screw watching an hour episode of television on my phone.

      They better sort updating the apps by GoT rocks around, but seeing it seems they bothered to just do the baseline relaunch and not bother about actually having a cohesive system across platforms at the same time, I doubt it. The relaunch will have secured the extra subs they were probably after, so the hard work is “done” already :/. SMH.

  • I signed up for the 3 month trial but the resolution looks pretty terrible on my laptop…surely it should look better? I’ll try again when I get home using my 65″ 4K TV but I don’t have much faith.

    So Foxtel has spent lotsa $$$ to relaunch their streaming service with bad 720p quality images? Sigh.

    • Trust me, their service is a lot better now than it used to be (Most videos were 240p or 360p).

  • Great deal. I was going to sign up for GoT anyway, so this works for me. The movies are a bit pricey, but the 2 weeks free (for all packs) sounded good, and now the 3 months pop pack for free is great.

    720p is fine (I watch on either my ipad or PC screen). 1080p would be nice, but I don’t mind.

    • After a week of Foxtel Now, it’s pretty crap. Westworld and Into the Badlands are good (although they are missing the last two episodes of Into the Badlands). The interface is clunky, it doesn’t seem to remember what I was watching last. No profiles, even though I can have two simultaneous streams going. The deal is great value, but overall I won’t stick with it after Game of Thrones.

  • I was all ready to support Foxtel for this, but since they don’t have an app for AppleTV yet (or even airplay support), I guess it won’t be for Game of Thrones!
    I’m not really interested in watching it on a computer or mobile device, GOT is meant for a big screen!

  • “Sorry, it looks like this promo code is invalid. You will not be able to sign up with this code.”
    Did I miss out?

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