Foxtel Hack: Watch Game Of Thrones FREE With This Trick

Subscribing to Foxtel is an expense that many Aussies can’t afford. Which is a bit of a bummer, as it’s the only way to watch Game Of Thrones legally in this country. Boo!

But don’t offer yourself up to the Many Faced God just yet – we’ve discovered a trick that will let you watch the whole thing on Foxtel for free. No, really.

First, a caveat: to pull this off, you will need to forgo watching the ‘live’ broadcast of the first four episodes. That means avoiding spoilers and removing yourself from water-cooler discussions at work until the penultimate episode hits on May 12.

Think you can manage that? Good! Here are the steps to watching Game Of Thrones for free in Australia – without breaking the law.

How to watch free Game Of Thrones episodes

  • Step #1: Sign up to Foxtel Now’s free trial on May 9.
  • Step #2: Binge watch the first four episodes between May 10 and May 12.
  • Step #3: Watch the final two episodes ‘live’ on Foxtel.
  • Step #4: Cancel your subscription on May 20.

How it works

Foxtel’s online streaming service comes with a free 10-day trial with no obligation to pay anything. If you sign up on May 9 (i.e. – after the fourth episode has aired) you will be able to watch the whole season during the free trial period and still enjoy the final two episodes at the same time as everyone else.

Just be mindful that the 10-day trial is available to new customers only. If you’re a former subscriber, you may need to use a different email address and credit card during the signup process.


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