Reminder: Nintendo’s Classic Mini SNES Goes On Sale Today [Updated]

Reminder: Nintendo’s Classic Mini SNES Goes On Sale Today [Updated]
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The Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System isn’t due to hit stores until later in the year. However, you can reportedly snap one up this morning via the online deals site Catch (formerly Catch Of The Day.) Here’s everything you need to know about the sale.


” excerpt=”Catch’s Nintendo Classic Mini SNES sale has been a total debacle. First it was implied that the console would be available from 9am. Then we were told to check back every hour. Now, the company has finally confirmed when you will be able to snap up the console. The time to set in your calendar. today at 5pm AEST.”]

Update: The Nintendo Classic Mini SNES has yet to appear on the website. It has been reported that the console will appear sometime in the afternoon – and only for Catch Club members. None of this was mentioned to media in the initial announcement – and our attempts at clarification were ignored. We’ve contacted Catch again and will update the article if we hear back.

When does the Nintendo Classic Mini SNES go on sale?

Catch will reportedly be selling the Nintendo Classic Mini SNES from 9am AEST. (That’s 7am and 8:30am for people living in Western Australia and South Australia / the Northern Territory, respectively.)

Here’s the link. The console is expected to be added to the site at 9am on Wednesday July 26.

How much is the Nintendo Classic Mini SNES?

As part of its Mid-Winter Meltdown sale, Catch will be selling the Nintendo Classic Mini SNES for $129. It’s worth noting that this is $10 more expensive than the recommended retail price. (So much for being a “deals” site.)

Nevertheless, this may be your only chance to secure the console if you haven’t already, so the cheeky markup is probably worth stomaching.

Will I receive the Nintendo Classic Mini SNES straight away?

Catch has refused to answer our questions on this score. However, it’s safe to assume that you won’t be getting your console before the official launch date of September 30.

What are my chances of actually getting one?

Honestly? Slim to none. Catch is clearly using the SNES Mini to drum up interest in its mid sale. Quantities are certain to be extremely limited. (Hell, they could even be reselling a tiny handful of pre-orders from EB Games and JB Hi-Fi, which would explain the $10 markup.)

In any event, expect stock to run out in seconds. If you don’t have a fast internet connection and login/payment details saved, you can basically forgot it. Indeed, the only reason we’re even bringing this deal to your attention is because your options are running out. (Other Aussie retailers have already exhausted their pre-order capacity and on-shelf stock is expected to be exceedingly scarce.)


    • How so? I never used it much before, but the deals on there right now seem pretty good…

      • When it started it was one thing every 24 hours, often a useful tech gadget at a good discounted price. Then it became three less useful, less discounted things every 24 hours. Now the site is overflowing with crap you could get from The Reject Shop. They might have one decent item every few months.

  • Did anyone get one? All i saw was a pop up for the chance to win 1 of 10 systems.

  • THIS IS TOTAL BULLSHIT!!! ok, first says 9am then it’s revealed that it’s going to be sold as a sale item from sometime between 9am-7pm…great, but i get it. The idea is you go to the site and you see something else while you wait. But then (when pressed) drop that it’s only going to be offered to members of their club which cost $70 to join. So basically you want $200 for a $120 console. That’s some underhanded shit.

    • Totally agree it’s underhanded, but you *can* join up for free – just be sure to cancel within the 30-day trial period.

      • you actually CAN’T cancel the free trial if you buy something.

        so if you purchased the mini snes – you’re slugged the $70

        • You CAN actually.

          I did exactly that. Signed up for free trial. Purchased the mini SNES. Cancelled the trial right after

          Only got charged $128.95 no catch club membership fee was charged.

          Annoying that had to pay for postage when catch club items over $50 say free shipping but hey.

          Just hoping it ships close to launch date rather than having to wait forever for delivery

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