The Nintendo Classic Mini SNES Has Sold Out [Updated]

The Nintendo Classic Mini SNES Has Sold Out [Updated]

Well, that was quick. Barely ten minutes after going on sale, the Nintendo Classic Mini SNES has sold out on Catch. Better luck next time, eh?

The original story is below:

Catch’s Nintendo Classic Mini SNES sale has been a total debacle. First it was implied that the console would be available from 9am. Then we were told to check back every hour. Now, the company has finally confirmed when you will be able to snap up the console. The time to set in your calendar: today at 5pm AEST.

Catch has confirmed that it will be selling stock of the Classic Mini SNES from 5:00 PM AEST (3:00 AWST, 4:30 PM ACST). And it actually has a semi-decent number of units. Here’s the official statement that was sent to Lifehacker:

The Nintendo will be on sale at 5pm today and Catch have a total of 500 units for sale.

This is much better than we were expecting. (We previously suspected that the number of available units could be in the double digits.) Nevertheless, you’re going to have to be extremely quick to nab one – we expect stock to sell out in minutes, if not seconds. Good luck!



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Now, the terror is set to unfold all over again with the release of the Super Nintendo Classic Edition. But there is hope. Here’s how to increase the odds of bagging your very own SNES Classic on launch day.”]

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