Where Is The Nintendo Mini SNES On Catch?

Where Is The Nintendo Mini SNES On Catch?
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After summarily ignoring our emails all week, Catch has finally confirmed that the Nintendo Mini SNES won’t be going on sale this morning, as previously reported. Instead, it will be appearing at an undisclosed time as part of a flash sale.

That’s right: if you want a Mini SNES, you will need to keep checking back on the hour, every hour. Tch.

Update: According to Catch, the SNES Mini will be sold from 5pm tonight. Details below:

Here’s the official statement from Catch:

We can’t confirm the exact timing of the sale of the Nintendo Classic Mini SNES – be sure to check in every hour.

Kotaku has received intel that the console will appear sometime this afternoon, but they don’t have an exact time yet. It could be anytime between noon and midnight. hour to see what new products are revealed.

According to Catch’s online support team, the deal is also a Catch Club exclusive – which means you need to be a signed up member to see the console. All we need now is a website crash to make this the most annoying Nintendo Mini sale ever (which is really saying something!)

As we pointed out previously, your chances of actually netting a SNES Mini in this sale are extremely slim. At the time, we argued it was worth having a punt anyway. Now that the sale has been saddled with a mystery start time, we seriously wouldn’t bother.

If you’re desperate for a SNES Classic and don’t want to wait, you can build your own. What you’ll need is a Raspberry Pi and a 3D printed case. If you don’t have a 3D printer, maybe ask a friend nicely to borrow their unit. There are also 3D printing services you can call on for this project.

You can find the instructions for this DIY Super Nintendo here.

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