Nintendo Just Made The Mini SNES Easier To Buy

We have some great news for everyone desperate to get their hands on Nintendo’s upcoming SNES Mini Classic video game console. The company has confirmed it will be manufacturing additional units next year – and Australia will be receiving some of the shipments.

In other words, if you miss out on launch day (which is likely), you will still have plenty of opportunities to snap up the console in the future. Hurrah!

It appears Nintendo has belatedly learned from the launch of the NES Mini. On the eve of the SNES Mini’s launch, Nintendo has revealed that its manufacturing window will be extended into 2018. Here’s the official tweet from Nintendo Australia:

This is in stark contrast to Nintendo’s stance a few months ago, when it stated there would be no additional shipments beyond 2017. Presumably, the company’s bean counters gauged the huge demand for the device and convinced the decision makers to reconsider.

Nitendo will also be bringing back the NES Mini, which was bizarrely discontinued at the height of its popularity. This means you should be able to snap up either console in the opening months of 2018.

This is great news for anyone who missed out on the pre-sale and should help to reduce the worldwide shortages and consumer anger that plagued the NES Mini. So if you miss out on September 30, don’t pay inflated prices on eBay. Just wait a couple more months and you should be able to buy one in store.

If you absolutely must have the SNES Mini on launch day for some reason, the going will be a lot tougher – but there are ways to increase the odds in your favour. This Nintendo SNES Mini Classic Australian buying guide contains all the information you need.

[Via Kotaku]


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