What Data Does Microsoft Collect?

What Data Does Microsoft Collect?

A new blog post by Microsoft’s Terry Myerson and Marisa Roger from the Windows and Devices Group has outlined what data is collected and sent from the newly released Windows 10 Creators Update, and how you can control what is collected and sent to Microsoft.

The new controls, that are accessible during the initial setup of a clean Windows 10 installation or from Settings, allow you to control location settings, diagnostic data, ad targeting through the use of app data, and other options.

As well as providing high-level, plain English descriptions, users will be able to delve into greater detail easily.

As well as desktops and notebooks, the new settings will be available in the mobile version of Windows 10.

In the blog post, Roger adds that Microsoft “will also share more information about how we will ensure Windows 10 is compliant with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation”.


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