Windows 10 Creators Update Is Available

Windows 10 Creators Update Is Available

Microsoft has unleashed the Windows 10 Creators Update – the latest version of the last version of Windows that is no longer going to see a new version released. Although the update will come through automatically next week, you can force your computer to update by jumping into the Update Assistant and giving the update a kick in the butt to happen faster.

If you’re keen to get the update, this link will take you there. There’s no splash screen or any other prompts – the update will start downloading automatically. Just hit the next buttons, after reading all the warnings and instructions, to complete the installation.

If you’re interested in what’s coming in this update, Microsoft has provided some glossy marketing-speak of the new features.

It’s clear to me that whatever ascendency Apple had when it came to features and usability on desktop and notebook computers is gone. Although Windows biggest competitor now is probably Android, which recently overtook it as the world’s most popular OS.


  • Word of warning. I have just updated both my desktop and laptop with the Creators Update and in both cases it has slowed my machines noticeably. I’m still trying to work out why and what I can do about it (apart from reverting back).

    It is a major update and takes a while. On my desktop, I had to do it twice. The first time I was in too much of a hurry to remove the previous version of Windows and it crashed my system. so I had to revert to an image back up from last weekend and then do it again. The second time I did not remove the previous windows installation – at least I won’t until I have a better idea of why it has slowed down my machine.

    I’m not convinced it is stable enough yet. It wouldn’t surprise me if Microsoft doesn’t put out some quick fixes soon.

    Just make sure you do a full image backup of your C drive before doing the update, so that you can restore it if something goes wrong.

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