Microsoft To Tell You What They Are Doing With ‘Diagnostic Data’

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I’ve often looked at those checkboxes software makers have about sharing diagnostic data and wondered exactly what data they were talking about and how it will be used. In the lead up to Data Privacy Day, Microsoft says their new and updated tools will tell you more about what is being collected and how it is used.

The Microsoft Privacy Dashboard will let you to see and manage more data associated with your Microsoft account.

The Windows Diagnostic Data Viewer, available through the Windows Store is a new tool, separate from the Microsoft Privacy Dashboard, that lets see, search, and take action with your diagnostic data.

According to a blog entry the data viewer will let you see information such as the Operating System’s name, the Version, Device ID, Device Class, and Diagnostic level selection as well as a bunch of device properties, preferences and settings.

The Diagnostic Data Viewer shows the exact details sent to Microsoft.

The Microsoft Privacy Dashboard has been spruced up with a new Activity History page that allows you to manage your data and change what data is collected by adjusting the privacy settings on your device or browser at any time.

The new features will be available to those enrolled in the Windows Insider Program before wider distribution.


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