The Best Chopping Methods For Seven Weirdly-Shaped Vegetables [Infographic]

Image: iStock

I'm not an ambitious cook and my culinary pursuits are limited to the familiar. I know how to peel a potato. I don't know much else. That's why I need a guide for more oddly-shaped vegetables like beetroots, as demonstrated in this graphic.

These seven vegetables might not be in your daily diet, but you can apply these concepts to whatever weird vegetable you happen to be wrangling with. Chopping cassava (AKA yuca) into short segments that are easier to work with could apply to other long tubers. Artichokes are their own unique challenge, I think. And you should always use a proper cutting board so that you don't dull your knives.

Have a look below for more tricky chopping advice below.

[Via Pound Place]


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