It’s Official: New Zealand Is Better Than Australia

The latest World Happiness Report has just been released by the United Nations. The top ten was dominated by Northern Europe, with Norway taking out the top spot. The only countries in the Southern Hemisphere to make the cut were New Zealand and Australia – with the former beating the latter. That’s right: Kiwis are officially happier and have better lives than their Antipodean neighbours.

The World Happiness Report uses six variables to judge human happiness: income, healthy life expectancy, having someone to count on in times of trouble, generosity, freedom and trust (measured by the absence of corruption in business and government). Each nation is then given a score out of ten.

Here are the top ten countries and their respective scores:

  1. Norway (7.537)
  2. Denmark (7.522)
  3. Iceland (7.504)
  4. Switzerland (7.494)
  5. Finland (7.469)
  6. Netherlands (7.377)
  7. Canada (7.316)
  8. New Zealand (7.314)
  9. Australia (7.284)
  10. Sweden (7.284)

Australia and Sweden actually tied for the 9th position, having the same 2014-2016 score to three decimal points. Australia scored well in most areas, but fell down when it came to physical and mental illness. (Apparently, we have a lot of sick people and aren’t looking after them properly.)

The US, meanwhile, came in at 14th (6.993). The UK trailed behind at 19th (6.714).

As you’d probably expect, African nations were among the lowest scoring, with Togo, Rwanda, Syria, Tanzania, Burundi an Central Africa Republic all scoring under 3.5.

You can check out the full list of ranked countries below:

[Via World Happiness Report]

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