Australia Second-Best Place To Be Born In 2013

You don't get any say in where you're born, but quality of life varies dramatically depending on the social and economic stability of your country of birth. A ranking by the Economist suggests that Australia is the second-best place to be born in 2013, topped only by Switzerland.

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The Economist assigned an aggregate score out of 10 based on both economic measures and life satisfaction surveys, summarising 11 indicators in total. Nigeria bottomed out the rankings with a score of 4.74. These are the top 10 countries; hit the link for the full listing.

  1. Switzerland (8.22)
  2. Australia (8.12)
  3. Norway (8.09)
  4. Sweden (8.02)
  5. Denmark (8.01)
  6. Singapore (8.00)
  7. New Zealand (7.95)
  8. Netherlands (7.94)
  9. Canada (7.31)
  10. Hong Kong (7.80)

Birth right [The Economist]


    I can only think it has to do with the holes they put in the cheese. What else could they have over us?

    Switzerland may be no.1 but I think Australia may be slightly cheaper when it comes to cost of living. Although ours is pretty high!

      Cost of living seems higher but so does local purchasing power according to

    The score includes a component for "life satisfaction surveys". I wonder what would happen if the Swiss and the Scandinavians etc. could experience Australia for a few weeks? Would they still rate their own countries as they have? The Swiss have chocolate, cheese and a novel banking system, the Scandinavians have blondes, but we have it all, except for the novel banking system...

    You'd find they are probably much happier in life then we are. Australia is a very negative society as a whole and a lot of people have a lot of stresses in their life. I've been to Switzerland and The northern countries and those people are much much more friendly warm and relaxed then we are. They also have much better health care

    Well we're ahead in HDI and are actually predicted to possibly be the highest ranked in that for a couple of decades.

    highly doubt this is an accurate study. On one of the latest polls done singapore scored the lowest in "happiest countries in the world" due to people constantly being overworked and some of the lowest marriage / child birth rates . Do not think it is even close to being in the top 10 of the best places to be born in, So much overpopulation and competition. So if they got that wrong they they also must have Australia wrong. Dont think it can be second its an awesome place but the cost of living is pretty damn high - syd / melb / perth are some of the most expensive places in the world and we pay far more for electronics / items / shipping. I think i also remember reading it was one of the most racist places as well - cant source this one though so im not sure.

    Damn you Switzerland!

    Hey guys, we just finished an infographic design comparing the Economist's index from 1988 with the one just released for 2013. Turns out australia was ranked 16th in 1988...come see more and let me know what you think...see the infographic design here:

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