Reheat Your Pizza On The Stove Top For Fast Pizza With A Crispy Crust


It’s wonderful to find leftover pizza in your kitchen, but reheating in the microwave can make it soggy, while the oven takes forever. Instead try heating your pizza up on the stove top.

Photo by Andreas Ivarsson.

As food site Epicurious points out, reheating pizza in a pan on top of the stove is a fine middle ground between the speed of the microwave and the quality of the oven. The pan helps make the crust nice and crispy. Place a lid on top of the pan as well to keep the heat in and make the cheesy nice and melty.

The Best Way to Reheat Leftover Pizza [Epicurious via Tasting Table]


  • The article claims 8 minutes on the stove. The oven will do mine in 8 1/2. I think I’ll stick with the oven.

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