Reheat Pizza In A Sandwich Oven For Crispier Results

Leftover pizza need reheating? Rather than just pop it in the microwave, try using a sandwich press for crisper results.

Pizza picture from Shutterstock

Reader Roisin wrote in with this handy suggestion:

The best way I've found of reheating pizza (if you're having two slices anyway) is to sandwich them fillings-side-in and pop into a sandwich toaster for a few minutes. There's no risk of it becoming soggy, and the crust becomes beautifully crunchy (works especially well with thin/crispy bases).

If you only have a single slice to reheat and this method won't work, try parchment or baking paper. Thanks Roisin!


    2.5 lines of original work-more of the quality journalism we have come to expect from Angus!

    We just don't put the top of the sandwich toaster down and just chuck the slices on as they are. Awesome results.

    You can also put a toaster on it's side, and toast the pizza slice (if it fits)

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