Dealhacker: Get Cheap And Free Stuff For Valentine’s Day!

Dealhacker: Get Cheap And Free Stuff For Valentine’s Day!

Whether you’re married, dating or single, Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to score cheap discounts as online merchants look to capitalise on the day of love. From free premium Porn Hub access (no, really) to 150 half-price restaurants, these are the best deals you can buy right now.

We’ll be updating this list as new deals appear online, so be sure to refresh the page. (Remember – it’s not Valentine’s Day in the US until tomorrow, so there’s still 24 hours of deals coming!)


  • You had me at free, until I read what it was.
    “Hey honey I got you premium porn for valentines”.

  • Let’s be honest here, Valentine’s day is a giant money sink where advertisers try their darndest to make you feel guilty if you don’t buy a gift or even just a card. like every other heavily advertised function, Christmas, Easter etc and let’s not forget the amount of angst they lay on you if you don’t go broke buying a rock for your fiance. Doesn’t matter if that rock is part of a well-known cartel managed scam. Just explain it to her/him, if they still demand a gift then maybe it’s time to jump ship and find someone less greedy/needy. Just a thought.

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