This Weird-Ass Bed Will Roll You Over If You’re Snoring

Beds are beds, right?

No. Beds are smart now. The newest in a long line of gadgets that we’re not sure necessarily needed to have electronics integrated into them is a bed that can tell exactly how well you’re sleeping, and then do a whole bunch of funky shit, including warming your feet, to make your life better.

But this is the best part for anyone struggling with a partner that has a little bit of a sleeping problem. Sleep Number’s new 360 bed will push your lover — or you, not that you snore, of course — around when it senses snoring.

The Sleep Number 360 promises to make your sleep, and therefore your entire life, better, by collecting a whole bunch of data on how you slept the night before, and then changing things a little bit the next night — within reason — to improve on that.

Sleep Number already has a bunch of insights that it says make its beds better for sleepers. You fall asleep faster if your feet are warm, apparently, so its 360 bed can pre-warm the lower portion of the mattress individually on either half to make sure you’re cosy.

But the real advancement is a funky evolution of the original Sleep Number system, which has air-pocket-filled foam cells that can be adjusted across the mattress to provide different levels of support for your body.

The Sleep Number 360 will, when it detects snoring coming from one side of the bed, increase firmness across one side of the sleeper’s body, to (supposedly) gently tell them to roll the f**k over and stop snoring. That’s a great idea, if you ask me.

The 360 will be out internationally some time this year, and while it’ll be “priced comparably” to existing Sleep Number beds, don’t expect it to come cheap, if it even ever does come to Australia. [Sleep Number]

This story originally appeared as part of Gizmodo’s CES 2017 coverage.

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