How To Get Started With Sex Toys

Thinking about using sex toys? Good for you! Aiming for deeper sexual happiness makes good sense, because being sexually fulfilled leads to all kinds of health and psychological benefits, whether you’re single or in a relationship.

There’s a wonderful world of sex toys out there for you to explore. Things that buzz, things to put inside you, things to put yourself into (if you’re a bloke), things that restrain or tease… there’s so much variety, and enormous pleasure to be had.

Some toys are ultra-discreet and quiet, while others give a powerful bang for your buck. Certain designs, like dildos, are incredibly anatomically lifelike, while others are highly stylized and could be mistaken for household objects, designer gadgets or sci-fi movie props. It’s all a matter of personal preference, and there’s something out there for every taste.

Pricewise, you have a choice of value brands, luxury choices and everything in-between, with the cost depending on materials, technology and styling. In terms of power, some electrical toys take batteries, while others can be plugged in, and there’s a growing trend towards luxury USB rechargeable toys for convenience and style.

You’re spoiled for choice – so how do you go about choosing? Putting price and styling aside, it all simply comes down to the kind of stimulation you want.

Sex toys for women

If you’re a woman, you might want just external clitoral stimulation, or just vaginal stimulation – or both. Clitoral vibrators come in all shapes and sizes, including mini bullets and larger, ergonomic pebble shapes.

A great introductory clitoral toy is a ‘magic wand’, which has a broad, revolving head that you can also use for soothing muscles and other parts of your body. No worries if vibration isn’t a turn-on for you, though – other clitoral options include clever suction or rotating toys that more closely echo the feel of oral sex.

For vaginal stimulation, vibrators and dildos come in every width and length option you could wish for, from slimline to eye-wateringly huge. Many models are specially shaped to aim for your g-spot, too. For dual vaginal and clitoral stimulation, the most famous style is, of course, the rabbit – a vaginal vibrator with the addition of a pair of bunny ears to delight your clitoris.

Sex toys for men

For men, there are all kinds of ways to make masturbation more fun. Stretchy stroker sleeves have texture to excite your donger, while the world-famous Fleshlights have patented super-skin insides to resemble lady parts.

If something more lifelike is your bag you can opt for realistic vaginas and butts right through to full-size sex dolls. You can even purchase latex vaginas meticulously molded from real-life Aussie porn stars!

Another growing market is prostate toys. Recent research demonstrates the very significant health benefits of prostate massage, but the fantastic thing is that it’s not just beneficial, it’s hugely pleasurable. Real men, frankly, do and should put things up their bum. Go for a specially-shaped prostate massager and choose between vibrating and non-vibrating options.

Anal toys and playing with friends

This brings us right onto anal toys. Anal pleasure is most definitely for everyone – women and men, straight and gay – and can add a whole extra dimension to your sex life. Great toys to try include anal beads, for a gentle introduction, plus butt plugs and anal vibrators. Lashings of anal lubricant are a must to make things comfortable and fun.

In a relationship? Research shows that using sex toys together gives a real shaking-things-up boost, bringing partners closer together. All of the toys mentioned so far are fun to play with as a duo, but there are even more for a twosome treat.

Cock rings can help restrict penis blood flow to make erections last longer and orgasms more powerful. They range from cheap, single-use types through to vibrating varieties with extra features for clitoral stimulation. Big wins all round! Other fun couple toys include remote control versions of things such as bullet or knicker vibrators. The woman’s partner can be in charge of the controls, leading to all kinds of sexy situations and teasing anticipation.

And where teasing and pleasing is concerned, a little light bondage is just the job. Bondage play can start with a silky pair of wrist ties and a feather tickler – just something to lightly restrain one partner while the other treats them to delicious sensations. If you try that level and both love it, you can delve into the universe of bondage delight together.

Itching to start browsing online right away? Just as with all kinds of online shopping, it’s a great idea to look at honest customer reviews before you buy. Lovehoney’s website is packed with views and advice by toy users. The videos on LovehoneyTV’s YouTube channel also make a frank, funny way to find out more about sex toy choices.

There’s so much pleasure ahead for you, so dive on in!

Paige Gregory isa blogger and sex toy expert who writes for Lovehoney Australia.

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