The Best Sex Toys For Men

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While women are still significantly more likely to own a sex toy - and to talk about them freely - the male sex toy market has soared in sales over the last few years. More and more men are experimenting and exploring. And there’s far more on offer than ever before, with toys promising to skyrocket your solo time and add exciting new sensations to your sex life. Here are three of the best.

The Best Touch-Free Sex Toys In Australia

The chances are you already own a sex toy – a trusty favourite that works for you, whether it’s a wand, a bells-and-whistles rabbit or a buzzing bullet vibe. And while some lucky women orgasm through penetration, for most it's the clitoris that holds the key to orgasmic bliss.

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For lifelike ribs, nubs and bumps, and features moulded from adult stars like Stoya and Jenna Jameson, Fleshlights offer realistic sensations to accompany your favourite X-rated visuals. Not into anatomically-correct antics? Stealth toys like the Tenga Fliphole feature vacuums, valves and intricate internal details housed in sleek, futuristic-looking tubes, with the emphasis on design and functionality as well as arousal.

Love oral sex? Then you'll revel in the intense sensations created by the brand new Lovehoney BlowYo range. With two rings at each end of a stretchy sleeve, the toys mimic the feel of a real mouth, offering an incredible sucking sensation when paired with plenty of lubricant.

Toys such as penis pumps can help with stamina training, ejaculation control, and healthier, firmer erections. And with the amount of men interested in backdoor antics on the rise, prostate massagers and vibrators are becoming more and more popular.

How To Get Your Partner Into Sex Toys (Or Sex Toys Into Your Partner)

Whether you’re in a new relationship or a well-established one, there’s every reason to introduce toys for your mutual sexual happiness. Put simply, the couple that plays together are more likely to stay together – and there’s some science behind that.

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Plus, with gadgets and gizmos are popping up in places we never knew we needed them, it’s no surprise that sex toys are getting the tech treatment too. With everything from vibrators offering potent vibrations, to innovative VR headsets offering an amazingly authentic 360° degree experience, there’s never been a better time to give men’s sex toys a whirl.

Coco Cameron is a blogger and sex toy expert who writes for Lovehoney Australia. You can see a list of their best-selling products here.


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