‘Laws Of Light’ Explained By A Professional Photographer

‘Laws Of Light’ Explained By A Professional Photographer

Sometimes it’s nice to get back to basics. Sure, when it comes to photography, you can play around with flashes and fancy lenses, but really, you’re just going to make a mess of it unless you understand lighting in general. So, here’s a lesson from photographer Jay P. Morgan on the “laws of light” and how they affect the final result.

Morgan takes a great approach to covering the basics of lighting. Rather than use a complex scene to demonstrate his points, “>Morgan keeps it simple: a table, a white sphere and a light.

As such, it becomes immediately clear how the light interacts with the sphere as it moves, from the strength of the highlight to the length of the shadow. There’s a bit more to it than that, as illustrated in the screencap below.

From here, Morgan is able to show how certain effects are achieved — soft light, rim light, etc. — and the different ways they can be executed, in a pure setting.

Laws of Light: Sphere [YouTube, via PetaPixel]

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