Build Your Own Glowstick Light For Portable Low-Light Photography

Shooting in low light conditions can be challenging without the right gear. This DIY light uses white glowsticks and thin PVC tubing to create a portable wand you can use to illuminate any subject.

Simon Ellingsworth, award-winning photographer and author of the photography education blog Lightism shows you in the video above how to build the light wand. The container for the wand is reusable for as many glowsticks as you have or choose to use at a time. You can use fewer for softer lighting, or really pile them in there for something brighter.

While traditional lighting gear would be better when shooting in low light for long periods of time, this wand produces a softer light that could produce interesting results. And you don't need batteries or a power source. Hit the link below for more details.

How to Make a DIY Photographic Light that Doesn't Use Electricity or Batteries [Lightism]


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