For Better 3D Pictures, Stick To Natural Light

Nintendo staged a 3D photography demonstration in Sydney this week to show off the camera capabilities of the 3DS. Professional photographer James Morgan took part, and offered up a few basic tips on how to take better shots if you're using 3D mode. The easiest one to implement? Use outdoor light whenever possible.

"Natural light is much more effective; either going outdoors or simply next to a window helps the quality of image," Morgain said. Other tips:

  • Keep as still as possible when taking the photo to ensure that the image remains crisp.
  • Make use of additional settings (such as "negative" mode) to add extra flair. (This can also cover up occasional stability problems.
  • Choose appropriate subjects. Animals are particularly good for 3D.

If you're thinking 3D video, check out our earlier tips on how to shoot better 3D.


    Maybe you could take good photos if the camera wasnt the equivalent to first generation camera phones.

    Personally I can't believe Daniel Craig and Matthew Broderick had a love child...

    I think this little rule applies in most situations (excluding medium format photography). Camera sensors - like film - are geared towards 'sun light' white balance, and perform best when there is heaps of light flooding in the sensor.

    I can't remember who said it, but there is a quote along the lines of, "Anyone can be made to look good with enough light."

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