How To Find A Good Life Coach [Infographic]

How To Find A Good Life Coach [Infographic]

Whether you call them a life coach, personal strategist or mentor, having a guiding presence in your life can be hugely beneficial to your personal and professional development. Rather than telling you what to do, a good life coach will help you create a vision for where you want your life to go and then assist you in reaching that destination. The tricky part is finding one and knowing whether they are any good. This infographic explains what prospective ‘life students’ need to know.

The following infographic comes from Life Coach Spotter and breaks down the basics of life coaching as a concept as well as where to find them. As you’d expect, the emphasis is firmly on online correspondence which is Life Coach Spotter’s bread and butter.

The included tips for finding an effective coach are unfortunately pretty simplistic. Nevertheless, if you’re considering enlisting the services of a professional to get an aspect of your life on track, this is as a good starting point as any. For a more detailed guide on life coaching, head to the accompanying blog post.

[Via LifeCoachSpotter]


  • Only one section of the infographic actually dealt with how to find a life coach. I was going to send it on to someone considering, but this infographic isn’t really that helpful.

    • As mentioned above, the ‘finding’ tips in the infographic are pretty basic, but the accompanying blog post is worth a look.

  • Thank you Chris for sharing! I think your tip about following your intuition is especially important when choosing a life coach.

    There’s also a type of life coaching called transformative coaching, that I self do and have been coached by, that explains our life experience and when we get a feeling of it we improve every area of our life.

    That’s something I have found to be the most profound form of life coaching. Thanks for sharing Chris and good luck for everyone in search.

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