The Complete Guide To Using Male Hair Products [Infographic]

Image: Universal Pictures

Most men are pretty useless when it comes to grooming products. We'll maybe muss some gel through our hair on special occasions, but that's about it. As it turns out, men's hair products are almost as varied as their female counterparts. This lavishly illustrated infographic will help you to distinguish a clay from a wax and a mousse from a pomades. (Have no fear: it also includes plenty of styling and application tips.)

The infographic below comes from the appropriately named Hairstyleonpoint website which knows about this sort of thing. It provides a comprehensive breakdown of every major hair product for men, along with hints and tips to help you buy the best gunk for your noggin.

[Via Hairstyleonpoint]


    One of the benefits of being hirsutely challenged is the inability to give a fig (euphanism) about this.

    Pretty sure the most grooming-challenged among us can diffentiate between a 'mouse' and a pomade, Chris. One squeaks when you try and massage it into your faux-hawk.

    Well, unlike the comments above, I found this informative and interesting. I have hair. I style my hair and my styles change through the years, and this was an interesting read.

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