Post Iso Grooming Trends for Aussie Blokes to Experiment With

Post Iso Grooming Trends for Aussie Blokes to Experiment With
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Aussie blokes were left to fend for themselves when the country more or less went into lockdown. Without the need to go to the gym or the office, they succumbed to the scruffy look, safe in the comfort of their homes. But what they were then despairing has now reaffirmed 2020’s  grooming trends and brought up a couple more.

Recent research from an independent survey conducted on behalf of men’s grooming brand, Bulldog Skincare for Men, revealed 71% of Aussie men said isolation has impacted their regular shaving routine. Almost half (43%) were shaving less than pre-pandemic times.  Even with isolation lifting, one in four Aussie blokes said they weren’t fully comfortable getting back in the barber chair.

Lifehacker Australia spoke to men’s grooming expert and 2019 Hair Educator of the Year, Jules Tognini from Brisbane, to talk about the latest grooming trends and how men were finally learning to experiment with and embrace their natural hair and looks.

Embracing longer hair

“I think a lot’s changed around the short back and side hairstyles along with the high and tight cuts —  essentially the neat and tidy styles,” Tognini explained over the phone.

“Blokes are embracing their natural texture and are more comfortable letting their hair down for a more relaxed look. I guess it’s because they’ve had more time at home instead of the office to play around with the idea.”

But it’s not as easy as just letting your hair grow out. Tognini said it’s important to find someone who specialises in longer hair so you can keep it in shape. Your regular barber may not be well-versed in the ‘gentle look’.

“Guys have come to me every six to eight weeks for a touch up, similar to what women do,” Tognini said. “It’s not possible to neglect your hair after a certain point.”

If you’re still not comfortable going to the barber for your weekly or fortnightly visits, growing your hair out and visiting a salon or barber every month-and-a-half may workout in your favour.

Short but sexy

Tognini  said Aussie men who’ve never ventured towards the short side are now flaunting super short buzz cut fades and its likes. This is especially true of men who couldn’t handle long hair during lockdown and got rid of it at home.

“They looked at themselves and realised, ‘Hey, this looks good on me’ and decided to stick with it,” he said.

“However, it doesn’t go for all men since it’s not an easy look to pull off if you don’t have the right features or face cut for it.”

Coloured hair

Turns out, guys just want to “break away from the norm” and try something new —  like colouring their hair. Tognini said many had decided to bask in the trend that kicked off earlier this year —  the malayage —  similar to the popular women’s balayage which gives a naturally lightened look. At the moment, a soft peachy look was all the rage.

Working the lived in look with a beard

Tognini said a lot of guys grew out their beards during iso — even ones who hadn’t been so patient with their growth in the past. Similar to women trying out the ‘fringe’ look, beards essentially worked the same way. You have to make them work with your haircut and you have to keep them tidy. Nobody wants a wild and bushy beard.

The mustache has made a comeback

While some men were happy to grow a beard or a thick stubble, others were slightly more reluctant, or just couldn’t. Sorry boys. But that didn’t stop them from playing around with the idea of a fine looking stache.

“Some don’t grow facial hair that well so they end up growing a mustache. It’s  definitely seen a resurgence in recent times giving off a very ’90s’ vibe,” Tognini said.

If you played it safe during iso we suggest letting go and experimenting with a new look. It’s fun and super liberating.


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